September 24, 2022

About Us

Welcome to Palm Lane House Designs & Ideas; we give practical, actionable advice related to home comforts (design, gardening) with soulful and enthusiastic how-tos that embrace slowing down and living well. The millions of readers who make up our “small-town community” are aware that it is how you live, not where you live, that counts most.

Palm Lane House Designs & Ideas is a home decor inspiration resource featuring home decor, remodeling, renovation, buying and selling advice, landscaping, furniture design, interior styles, and DIY home improvement methods.

Our Mission

Making a well-informed purchase decision in today’s age of abundant online information is becoming progressively more challenging. In addition, there is a proliferation of “review” websites that are more interested in making a sale than offering helpful information and an honest review.

We at Palm Lane House Designs & Ideas are aware of this aggravating and perplexing circumstance, which is especially common among homeowners. Therefore, we’ve made it our goal to serve YOU, the reader, by giving you an objective, comprehensive, and helpful review.

Nothing filtered out, no fluff, no marketing speak, simply a straightforward, honest review. You will never again be forced to purchase unreliable and inexpensive products.

By keeping our audience up-to-date on the latest in interior and exterior design and tailor-made homes and offices, we ensure their safety and satisfaction. We’ve grown from a helpful service provider to a recognized authority on contemporary style norms and convenient home automation by consistently adding new services and products each year.

What We Do

The information provided by Palm Lane House Designs & Ideas is a comprehensive resource for homeowners. “One-stop” here means you can get everything you need in one convenient location. We review the best products on the market and talk about gardening, landscaping, do-it-yourself projects, and other home improvement topics.

All of our published home-related articles (suggestions, reviews, guidelines, and more) are the result of extensive research into the topic so that readers may have confidence in their accuracy, reliability, and usefulness. You may rest assured that our staff of writers has first-hand knowledge in the areas you’re interested in.